Our Happy Customers

A beautiful day on the bay

Excellent sailing out the gate and back and we saw porpoise, a whale, and the Fleet Week air show. Captain Bill and Red Dress were great hosts.

Great day on the bay with Captain Bill!

He was on time, expertly manned his boat, had interesting facts and tidbits to share, took us to a nice, calm area for a picnic on the boat, went under the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and sailed back. Thank you!

We all had a great time

We all had a great time -- highly recommended!

Great Day on the SF Bay with Capt Bill and Red Dress.

The boat is fast and he is a very seasoned sailor. I would definitely charter here again. Thanks!

I booked a day trip on Bill's boat as a team-building event with my coworkers and he did not disappoint!

He let us set the itinerary for the day all while giving us advice as to where to stop for a picnic and what order to see things in to make the most of the tides and the sunshine. He also let us all take turns at the helm of the boat. The boat itself had plenty of room for 6 people and had a handy cooler for our food and drinks. Overall, highly recommend booking Bill & the Red Dress if you're looking to go on a boat tour of the Bay. Thanks Bill!

Awesome sailing great captain
Truly an enjoyable experience.

Booked a trip with Captain Bill for my boyfriend's birthday as a surprise gift. Captain Bill was
responsive, patiently answering my questions regarding the trip and helping me to plan a lovely
course around the Bay. Furthermore, he is a knowledgeable and professional sailor! The trip was exhilarating but not once did we feel unsafe. Beautiful boat, as well. Truly an enjoyable experience.

I would very much recommend William as a Captain.

William, captain of the boat Red Dress out of Emeryville, CA is a very experienced sailor. He was easy to be with and allowed our party to partake in the sailing of his boat. His communication skills are pretty much sailing oriented which was very useful. I would very much recommend William as a Captain.

Great time
Amazing sailing day with Bill on Red Dress.

Amazing sailing day with Bill on Red Dress. I've been sailing on many boats in the Bay Area and Red Dress is one of my favorites. Very fast , very smooth and fun to sail. You can easily reach 10 knots. As it's faster you can see a lot more. We sailed up to Tennessee beach and back to downtown , then around Alcatraz , Angel Island ...
We all had a lot of fun. Bill is a great Captain, friendly and very experience. I will teach you and let you sail all the time you you like it. I'm a certified sailer but I was impressed by Bill sailing skills and in particular how he sails back to the dock with no engine, only with sails. Very few people can do that. So if you've never sailed before , no worries you in goods hand , and if you're an experience sailer , you will learn a lot.
I will sail with Bill and Red Dress again soon , that's for sure.

Excellent experience!
Highly recommend him for anyone wanting a great daysail on the Bay.

It was a joy sailing with Captain Bill and Red Dress. An experienced mariner with a free easy-going, no drama style. Highly recommend him for anyone wanting a great daysail on the Bay.

Captain bill was great!

Captain bill was great! Nice guy with tons of good stories. We had just learned to sail and he taught us some tricks of getting safely around the bay and out of the Golden Gate without hitting sand or bridge-induced vortices, reading the wind report, etc. I'm definitely going out with him again, whether for leisure or learning.

What a fantastic trip! Thanks so much Captain Bill!
It was a beautiful day with a great captain.

We were so lucky. It was a beautiful day with a great captain. Very informative, laid back person. He made our trip enjoyable.

Bill is great guy. we had a amazing experience
If you're seeking a beautiful day on the water with an expert mariner, then book a trip on the Red Dress!

Cap'n Bill is very knowledgeable, friendly, and an all-around great host. He made our birthday
adventure on the SF Bay quite memorable. If you're seeking a beautiful day on the water with an
expert mariner, then book a trip on the Red Dress!

It was a really fun ride.

William was an excellent host, who knows his way around the bay. He made some excellent recommendations and left us precise instructions to be ready for the journey. It was a really fun ride.

Highly recommend him and the Red Dress, we would happily join him again!

We had an awesome time sailing on the bay for my dad's birthday with Cap'n Bill! He is a knowledgeable and friendly sailor who took us on an awesome adventure through the bay and out the Gate! We even saw humpback whales, which was a treat for everyone! Highly recommend him and the Red Dress, we would happily join him again!

We couldn't have booked a better boat and captain for seeing the sights as well as getting some first-hand sailing experience.

We had a great time with Captain Bill - I booked this for myself and 3 others to see the Bay area and learn a few of the basic ropes(!) of sailing. Captain Bill was incredibly patient and knowledgable, with everyone enjoying their time out on the sea. We couldn't have booked a better boat and captain for seeing the sights as well as getting some first-hand sailing experience.

Our experience with Captain Bill was amazing!! I could not have got a better sailing experience in the Bay Area.

We went on a day trip with my father, my friend and Captain Bill. Captain Bill was very flexible since he went to pick us up at the Embarcadero and left us there at the end of the day. He is really nice and friendly, he shared his sailing experience with us and allowed us to take part in directing the boat. His boat is in excellent shape, and Captain Bill knows perfectly how to manage it: we felt totally confident during the whole trip.
We did a great tour near Alcatraz, Angel Island, Sausalito (where Captain Bill was very nice to drop us for the lunch break) and we even crossed the bridge and went to Marine Headlands!
After the trip Captain Bill also shared the photos and videos he took so that we can keep great memories of this wonderful day!, which was really nice of him. Definitely, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to have a unique experience in the Bay Area!

Min Chul
Thank you for making us memorable memories captain Bill.

Everything is perfect !
Me and my friends visit San Francisco from Korea. We enjoy extreme and fun sailing.
Captain Bill is kind and expert of sailing.
The J35 Red Dress is very nice yacht. All systems are new ( Sails, Sheets, Winches ....) and clean.
The Red Dress is faster than 40ft yacht.
Thank you for making us memorable memories captain Bill.

Honestly, it was just a perfect day sailing with him and the boat is a great one if you enjoy sailing.

Captain Bill was great before the trip - keeping me updated on the weather & so on -, during the trip with a great capability to advise but as well listen to his guests and perfect balance of being here when needed but as well let us bond with each other and after the trip - sharing pictures and so on. Honestly, it was just a perfect day sailing with him and the boat is a great one if you enjoy sailing.

We had a great time on board Red Dress around the bay.

Bill was a fantastic and knowledgeable skipper

I will be back for another trip soon and
would highly recommend Bill to anyone.

I had a great day with Bill out sailing. He was very enjoyable to be around and taught me slot about
sailing the bay, out into the ocean up the coast and back.


Great guy, easy going and very experienced. We sailed all the way back to his dock without the motor.

Our family had an amazing time sailing with Captain Bill aboard Red Dress.

Our trip included sailing around the bay, under the GGB and out of the gate towards the Marin coast. Captain Bill was very informative beforehand, flexible with our voyage route and very accommodating. His strong skills at
sailing were evident and made us feel comfortable and safe. Red Dress is a beautiful, clean and fast
boat! This trip surpassed my expectations and I would definitely sail with Captain Bill again.

What an amazing day we had with Captain Bill!

We sailed out to Point Bonita on what started as a calm day. The wind eventually picked up, and we had a blast sailing past Alcatraz and Angel Island. Bill was fun, informative, and let us sail up to our comfort level- a very educational experience. We will definitely be joining him on Red Dress again.

It was a great time and we’ve already recommended him to friends.

Our trip with Bill was amazing! From the very beginning he worked with us to figure out what type of trip we were looking for and what we hoped to do. Our group has some sailing experience, so we were hoping to get an opportunity to help run the boat and learn about sailing larger boats. Bill was very accommodating in this and let us take the tiller. He instructed us on what to do and had all of the answers for our countless questions.

Had a great time getting refreshed on sailing with Captain Bill.

He was extremely patient and his tales of sailing the Red Dress to Hawaii and back were inspiring. He even taught me to heave-to, a technique I has only read about... this J boat is fast and rides the bay like a dream. The cabin was very handy as the temps were a bit cool. We toured around Alcatraz, Angel island, out under the Golden Gate and up the coast to Muir Beach. Great scenes and wildlife. Cap'n Bill took some great video and pics and sent them on dropbox afterwards - great keepsakes. Will repeat to strengthen my skills.

William responds very quickly! He communicates very well. He's friendly, thoughtful, and kind. He makes a wonderful captain!
We had a great time with captain Bill.

He is easy to be with no matter what your skill level. But don't worry if you want some serious sailing because he does too.We went out under the golden gate and then a leisurely cruise back to port via ATT field to take in a little music from a concert. We had an exceptionally light wind day for the bay but we were still moving along nicely. Red Dress is a fast boat and it makes for a little more fun on the cruise.

Highly recommend.

Excellent evening sail. Bill was very flexible, knowledgeable and helped us prepare for the sail. He knew the right places to sail and showed us some amazing views of the city. His boat was clean and he was excellent as captain of the boat. Me and my friends had a great time.

Whatever your experience level you will have a great day out on the Bay with Bill and Red Dress.

Bill is a very experienced Bay and Ocean sailor who clearly loves to be out on the water. The J 35 is an easy boat to sail in any condition, and with Bill's tutoring you can improve your sailing skills whether it is your first time on the Bay or your 50th.

If you are in the bay area and are looking for a different sight-seeing trip, I would highly recommend booking a sailing trip with Capt. Bill.

We are so thankful we found Capt. Bill. He gave us a great sailing and really tailored the trip to what we were interested in.

We'd definitely recommend him for a day or more of sailing.

My group had a great time with Bill. He was flexible and easy-going when we were a bit late getting started and accommodating for the range of comfort people had with 25 knot winds. His proficiency and comfort with all the conditions faced were self-evident, and he's good company on top of that.

Would definitely recommend!

Our group of 4 had a great day with Bill! He was flexible in working with us on the schedule and itinerary, was prompt in showing up on time, and was a great teacher.

I'd highly recommend the experience!

Bill was a great captain and the Red Dress was an amazing boat. We experienced a super windy day out on the Bay. Bill handled us and the boat well. My kids loved exploring the boat below deck, despite getting a little motion sickness.

We had a great time on the Red Dress.

Captain Bill arrived with flowers since I had mentioned we were celebrating a friends birthday. We loved the restaurant that the Captain suggested for lunch. Our Captain took care of all the sailing and we were able to relax and have a great time sailing on San Francisco bay. We sailed outside the Golden Gate (a first for me) and before we knew it, the day was over.

Such a wonderful experience.

This time it was just me and my wife celebrating her birthday on the red dress but I will definitely come back with our group. It think it can comfortably accommodate 6 of us. Bill is not just a good sailor but a very friendly and good coach. It was my first time but I learnt a lot. Bill made sure we enjoy the voyage and did everything possible to make that happen. Highly recommend Bill and the Red Dress.

Bill took our group of four for a day of sailing. He was very flexible and considerate. He was quick to recognize one of our parties unease. I was interested in learning basic skills, he was a great teacher.

Captain Bill is a world class voyager!

His skill set and well mannered disposition is perfect for folks looking to enjoy a great day on the water, or learn first hand the basics of sailing 101. Captain Bill is a teacher at heart, and always made us feel safe and secure throughout our voyage. I would highly recommend anyone to charter this vessel with Captain Bill. The vessel is in very nice condition, and you will be comfortable at all times! A+, I will be back.

It really was a great experience and I would recommend Captain Bill and his boat to anyone!

I found William and his lovely boat on Boatbound when searching for a fun way to celebrate my SO's birthday this fall. It was the most wonderful experience. Captain Bill was awesome - he really went above and beyond - working with Boatbound to get us a halfday fee when Boatbound messed it up. He took us around Treasure Island, Angel Island, Golden Gate, by Sausalito, and more and was super flexible on time and navigation. His boat is clean, has plenty of space for 6 people (and more even if not everyone is sitting on the deck seats - can always sit on other parts of the boat or in the cabin), and is fun.